Your Week in Viral Videos: It's all about America

Your Week in Viral Videos: It's all about America

George Washington goes musket-to-claymore with William Wallace in a rap battle freedom-off. George Washington goes musket-to-claymore with William Wallace in a rap battle freedom-off.

(RNN) – This great land of ours turned 238 years old Friday.

What do you get an old lady who has seen it all, done it all and lived to tell the story according to her own narrative? The answer, obviously, is a rapping George Washington.

Our first president goes musket-to-claymore with Scottish revolutionary William Wallace in an epic freedom-off and is forced to defend himself as a founding father despite the fact he had no children.

Even though this is our quintessential American weekend, it’s hard to declare Washington the winner. However, Wallace has to resort to personal attacks insults and profanity to get the upper hand, so he’s being declared the loser here on technicality. (WARNING: Profanity you may not understand because it’s in a thick, Scottish accent.)

A word to the wise about this video: first, just watch the people in it. Then go back and read the words at the bottom.

Have flag, will travel

A dude from Texas (because, where else?) got his ’Murica on over a year and nine months and visited all 50 states – and all one district – and waved his little American flag in each.

He doesn’t show much emotion in the video, but the commitment is obvious, because he took the time to record all these videos (yet somehow wasn’t committed enough to re-record the video of him falling in Alaska) and edited them to be in reverse alphabetical order. Visiting the states in that order would be absurd, so it’s likely that didn’t happen.

Just sit back and enjoy a minute and a half of good old American pride. If you want to know where he is in each state, he provides a breakdown in the YouTube description. Just click the above link to go there.

The document of ‘freedom’

Friday marked the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, but there may be some things about it you don’t know, such as the four men other than Thomas Jefferson responsible for writing it and the large, controversial passage that got excised to keep it from being hypocritical.

America the not-so-beautiful

So, not everything about America is star-spangled awesome, and this video goes out of its way to point that out.

“Captain America” isn’t all that good at math, reading, science, employment, living long, staying healthy, avoiding AIDS or not being politically divisive.

But, on the bright side, it’s only been 238 years. These things take time.

Animal of the Week

Happy IndePUGence Day.

Bonus goat video

Jurba-a-a-a-a-a-sic Park.

More stuff for when you’re bored

Look, Ma, no pants – I mean hands.

The Atlanta Police Department is Happy, including the chief even though it took some work to get him on board.

Face it, you blew on the cartridge of Nintendo games. You fool.

Competing sides of the “should you take a selfie?” debate. (WARNING: Self-centered profanity.)

Happy birthday, puppy. Here’s 100 balls.

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