Your Week in Viral Videos: Winter produced something good

Your Week in Viral Videos: Winter produced something good

Dan Ponce of WGN in Chicago used the endless winter as a reason to sing his own version of Let It Go. (Source: Dan Ponce/YouTube) Dan Ponce of WGN in Chicago used the endless winter as a reason to sing his own version of Let It Go. (Source: Dan Ponce/YouTube)

(RNN) – Disney picked a good year to release Frozen.

The whole country has turned into an ice-covered wasteland of despair, and Chicago is now an even bigger one than usual. That inspired WGN's Dan Ponce to go stand out in the frostbitten abyss that is his hometown and belt out the recent Oscar-winning standard Let It Go.

The song and snow outtakes are great, but taunting Mother Nature is probably not the best idea. Neither is eating dirty ice. Taking pointless shots at New York, however, is always welcome.

Best fake lottery ticket ever

You know those prank lottery tickets you can buy to make people think they've won a lot of money? Those aren't funny. They're just mean. But turning a fake lottery ticket into a real one is a great idea, especially when it's for someone who really needs it.

It's not easy to pull off, but if you buy a lottery ticket that loses and can convince the owner of a convenience store to act like it's real when a homeless guy brings it in, you can get 11 million hits on YouTube in five days.

You might even be lucky enough to have the homeless man offer you some of the money, but don't take it. Just let him cry on your shoulder.

A … rotary phone?

You kids these days with your fancy touch pad thing-a-ma-whats and text-o-matics don't know how good you have it.

Back in my day when we dialed a number, we had to actually dial the number. And you had to make sure you had a sound coming from the phone before you dialed. We didn't have buttons. We had to play Wheel of Fortune just to get somebody on the phone. If they didn't answer, you had to wait and call them back, and every phone call meant walking 50 miles uphill in the snow.

The further away you were from the person you were calling, the more you had to pay to call them. If you had cheap relatives like the guy in the yellow shirt, you never talked to them.

The only text messages we had were sent by pigeons, and if it flew over Texas, your message wasn't going to make it. Harrumph. Stupid kids.

The news is scary

Hey Jude, don't be afraid. It's only Brian Williams.

The news is scary, what with Russia invading nearby countries and planes disappearing without explanation. But it's important to remember that Brian Williams is only the messenger. You don't need to be afraid of him.

The minute you let him under your skin, then you begin to make it better. Naaaaa naaaaa naaaaa na na na naaaaa.

Animal of the week

What's the deal with cats? You don't have to look hard to find videos online of cats tormenting dogs. They steal their beds, block the stairs and just sit around looking creepy while the poor, helpless dogs are powerless to break their evil curse.

But one dog has risen to the challenge and stood up for all dogkind against the evil reign of terror by the feline overlords. It took an old dog who was fed up with the catriarchy to break the animal kingdom's most oppressive glass ceiling, and his efforts should be commended.

Of course, once the cute little hungry kitten in this video grows up and loses his cuteness to the evil lurking deep inside him, he'll likely reclaim the throne. Revel in this dog's superiority while you still can.

More stuff for when you're bored

A high-speed camera can turn a hawk's attack on a water balloon into performance art.

Whatever this dog is trying to get out of this tree, it must be worth it. Unless a neighboring cat cast an endless jumping spell on him, in which case it's sad.

When you're the world's strongest man you're going to be big, and you're going to have to travel a lot. Those two things don't go well together.

For some reason, snow on the roads requires an idiot with a microphone to go outside and tell you there is snow on the road. If you're lucky, he'll stand too close to the road when a snow plow drives by and you can watch him get blasted by a frozen tidal wave over and over and over. That's the beauty of "breaking news."

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