Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn speaks about Clemson game, previews Ark

Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn speaks about Clemson game, previews Arkansas State game

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Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn held his weekly press conference on Tuesday morning previewing the Tigers' upcoming game against Arkansas State.

Auburn is 0-1 coming off a 19-13 loss to Clemson on Saturday. Auburn and Arkansas State kickoff Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

Some quotes from Malzahn's press conference:

Quick recap of Saturday's game: Defense did a fantastic job. Offensively, our plan was to go in being aggressive and play all three quarterbacks, and it didn't work. Moving forward, Sean White will be the starter, John Franklin III will get reps with
the #2's.

Arkansas State: I'm familiar with them, good defense, we know we are going to get their best, we've turned the page from last week.

What does this mean for Jeremy Johnson: He will still get reps, and he be ready when he need him.

Offensive line: Made some mistakes early, have a new center, the good thing is they got better. It was good for that unit to have a game under their belt, I think we will improve from week one to week two.

Execution at QB: Going into the first game, the plan was we would throw a lot at them, we thought all three quarterbacks had some things they could be successful with, but we weren't successful as we thought we would be. We're moving forward with Sean White, and bringing along JFIII.

Rotation change: I think it was just the overall package, wasn't successful.

Will JFIII play: He'll get the number two reps at practice. I thought he moved the ball well, for the first time being out there.

Jeremy Johnson being timid: There's a lot of things that happen when someone looks timid, things break down etc. You have to make plays, execute, bottom line is we have to score points, and we didn't do that Saturday.

Jeremy came in red zone on 4th and 2nd: I think it was all the above. We thought there would be some running opportunities for him, but the holes weren't there.

Kerryon Johnson's performance: Kamryn Pettway will have more of a role this game, but we learned a lot about Kerryon this game. It was a physical game, he earned a lot of his yards after contact, I was very encouraged by him.

On Sean White: Tough guy, he took some licks, he can throw the ball down field, did a good job at buying time, he has a good control of the offense.

Takeaway from Saturday vs. Clemson: We were curious about a lot of things offensively, new guys playing new positions, we learned a lot about our guys, and I think we will continue to learn. The takeaway is we played good defense, and what we need to do to be a good offense. Anytime you lose a close game, and have a chance to win, those are the ones that hurt, you have to categorize that, move forward, take away the positive, what we learned Saturday night, is you can play with anyone in the country.

Rudy Ford on Offense: We will see where that goes.

Do you sometimes overthink things: What you do, you put  a plan together, and that was our plan. It wasn't successful where I thought it was going to be.

We are a very close team, we will get behind Sean, and we will bring John Franklin along.

Trooper Taylor: He's a wonderful person, he's a fun guy, great personality, great family, he's been very successful at Arkansas State. His son is an outstanding player as well.

What do you say inside the locker room when you think the morale is not where it should be: You're always honest with your team, you give them a plan, you improve, and get better, and that's the only thing on my mind right now.

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