Save money on tickets, food at Cedar Point

Save money on tickets, food at Cedar Point


Cedar Point officially opens for the season on Friday. So it's a good time to get answers on how to save money and avoid the crowds at the amusement park.

Right out of the gate, Cedar Point is dropping prices. Now through June 19, it's kids prices for all, so $20 off when you get your tickets online.

"You'll save time buying tickets online and then save a lot of money not paying gate prices," says ‘Couponing with Rachel’ Blogger Rachel Krych.  

An adult ticket is $65 at the park. But Rachel says never pay gate prices. It's always cheaper to buy online or to look for coupons on soda cans, fast food stops and other local businesses.

"It's kind of like going to Kohl's, don't want to go to Cedar Point without a coupon," she says.

If you plan to go to the park three or more times this season, Rachel says to buy a season pass. It's $132. When you do the math, three visits, even at a heavily discounted price of $45 per ticket, it makes sense.  That total cost would be $135.

The Platinum pass is $204 and that includes free parking.  Online pre-paid parking is $15 a visit so Rachel suggests the Platinum upgrade for at least one family member.

"When our kids were really little and we weren't traveling as much, we just got one free platinum pass because of free parking," she says.

What about meal deals? One person can eat all day for $32.

"A meal is usually about $15, so if you're a family that eats at the park a lot, the meal deal is a deal," says Rachel.

She is also a big fan of the beverage plan that's new this year.

"You can get season-long cups for about $25 and that's good for free refills every time you go." 

We were also curious about the days that tend to be least crowded at Cedar Point. Is there a best day to avoid crowds?

"I find Tuesday and Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of the week, if they’re not surrounding a holiday, are good," says Rachel.

Rachel also says now is the best time to stay on property. She says hotel rates tend to be cheaper at the beginning of the season versus the peak summer months. Staying on property is a good deal too, she says, because you get about a 30 percent discount on ticket prices and you can get into the park an hour early.

But as for the overall best time to visit Cedar Point, Rachel says in early fall during Halloweekends.

"Because of football games, the crowds are much lower. Some of these rides, roller coaster rides, are walk-on or less than a half hour, which is practically walk-on for Cedar Point."

Here’s a rough breakdown of prices at Cedar Point:

  • Gate Price for a one-day Ticket: $65
  • Online Price for a one-day Ticket: $45 (now through June 19)
  • Parking: $18
  • Online Pre-Paid Parking: $15
  • Average Food Price: $10
  • Average Drink Price: $4

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