Party or pigskin? College Football Playoffs vs. New Year's Eve

Party or pigskin? College Football Playoffs vs. New Year's Eve

To party or to watch football on TV? That is the question. (Source: Anthony Quintanofic/flickr) To party or to watch football on TV? That is the question. (Source: Anthony Quintanofic/flickr)

(RNN) - On Dec. 31, 2015, New Year’s Eve clashes with college football in a battle for the soul of America.

The College Football Playoff semifinals will air on the one holiday where everybody is pretty much guaranteed a kiss if you play your cards right. Opting to go full couch potato, stay home and devote your full attention to ball could negatively impact your kiss chances.

Decisions, decisions.

Is this really a good idea to put college football's second-biggest event on a night traditionally devoted to unbridled revelry? Will any but the hardcore fans of Clemson and Oklahoma (4 p.m. ET) and Alabama and Michigan State (8 p.m ET) choose the ball that bounces funny over the one that drops in Times Square? 

The playoff masterminds have no doubt.

“We're establishing a new tradition. We really do think we're going to change the paradigm of New Year's Eve," said Bill Hancock, the executive director of the College Football Playoff. His wife and high school sweetheart, the former Nicki Perry, is retired after a 30-year career as a high school English teacher, and clearly is a loving spouse and a sports fan.

ESPN has put its money where its broadcast schedule is.The Worldwide Leader paid $5.6 billion for the 12-year broadcast rights to the fledgling championship, which from the get-go included New Year's Eve semifinal kickoffs.

Seven of the next 10 semifinals are set for New Year’s Eve, offering more evidence of brazen confidence.

But what about the real people? Those with skin in the game, who have to choose between the greater of two good things? And what of those who are kind of meh about the whole thing?

But first, let's take a brief intermission featuring Joe and Zooey singing What are you Doing New Year's Eve?, which is so 2011, but it pertains and is still pretty excellent.

So far, crowd-sourced responses fall into several categories:

New Year’s Eve is not for hard-core party people, and is therefore best avoided:

“Staying home to avoid all the amateurs.” - R.S. Williams

“Football at home. Invited to parties, but hate the idea of driving on New Year’s Eve.” - Julia McNair

Are you even serious? Why would you ask such a silly question? (Primarily Alabama and SEC fans)

“FOOTBALL! ROLL TIDE ROLL” - Debra Freisleben

“Watching football! Roll Tide Roll!” - Nancy Medley

"Watching Alabama football! Roll Tide!" - Michelle Davis

"Roll Tide Roll! Watching Bama! Nothing more important!!!" - Robert Saiz

“Watching football at home.” - Russ Tanner, Mississippi State fan

"Watching the game with friends." - Cecilia Matthews, Auburn fan

There's a football game?

"Playing music at a party..." - Mersh Lubell Kanis

"Seeing a movie and then ringing in the New Year at home." - Rhodes Dee

Um, wait, what?

“Is it already New Year’s Eve again?” - Bill Nolan

I’m going to party, party, party all night long!!!!

"Standing in Times Square with 999,999 other people." – Jodi Russell

"I'm doing the chandelier thing." - Dominick Lombardi, who illustrated his comment with this video:

The opposite of No. 4. Sort of.

Football, cooking black-eyed peas, collards, etc. Chilling with the family." - D. Britton

"Home. Cheese and cracker plate and sparkling grape juice. Falling asleep before midnight." - Laura Cashio

"Football, food, family." - Elizabeth Campbell Christian

"Family, food, football, drinks and a bonfire. Did I mention drinks?" - Terence Johnson

Both, based on time management and time zone:

"Watching ball while prepping for the night!" – Ann Grimes Sparks

"Both. One time when living in the Pacific Time Zone is an advantage." – Tim Hathcock, of Las Vegas

So what are you doing New Year’s? New Year’s Eve? Sound off.

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