LSU great Marcus Spears warns players - "Everybody with a cell p

LSU great Marcus Spears warns players - "Everybody with a cell phone is the media"

From left to right: Jacques Doucet, Marcus Spears and Steve Schneider (Source: WAFB) From left to right: Jacques Doucet, Marcus Spears and Steve Schneider (Source: WAFB)

Former LSU and NFL star defensive lineman Marcus Spears is now an analyst for SEC Network and on Sunday, the day before the start of SEC Media Days, he had some enlightening comments centering on collegiate players getting into trouble off the field.

Programs like Florida State, Virginia Tech, Utah and even LSU have been in the news recently for player arrests and mischief. 

"Some of these things these guys did and are doing, I would've never dreamed of," Spears said. "My parents were 10 minutes up the street. I would've been more worried about them than the cops."

Indeed, Spears' upbringing played a large role in the Southern Lab alum staying out of trouble. However, he admitted the climate surrounding players these days is much different from his time at LSU from 2001-2004. 

"Well, we didn't have Twitter. And, we didn't have Instagram and Facebook," Spears added.

Still, he believes the availability of social media platforms is hardly an excuse to get sideways with the law.

"These guys don't understand the climate that they're in now. You become a household name before you even play college football. Everyone watching college football knows Leonard Fournette before he even played a game at LSU. So, it's a different dynamic than what we had to deal with and I think guys need to pay attention to it more. Everybody is the media. That's what I tell them. Everybody is the media. Everybody with a camera phone is the media," Spears explained.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

"It may stink being 17 years old and not being able to go have fun like most 17 year olds do. But, that's the position you're in and that's the life you chose. You need to make decisions and govern yourself according to that," Spears stated. 

Things get rolling at the SEC Football Media Days on Monday, as LSU opponents Auburn and Florida will be on display.

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