Your Week in Pop Culture: #newtoWho? Catch up before premiere

Your Week in Pop Culture: #newtoWho? Catch up before season premiere

'Doctor Who' and a new companion are back to take on the worries and issues of a time-lord and his homie. (Source: MGN) 'Doctor Who' and a new companion are back to take on the worries and issues of a time-lord and his homie. (Source: MGN)

(RNN) – Are you new to the ever-growing fan base of the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who?

You aren't alone, if you're like me and surrounded by people who love the alien-based show, then you've seen it grow in popularity recently and want in.

It turns out Doctor Who (and don't abbreviate “Doctor,” fans are super serious about that) is easy to binge watch (which all season and classic episodes are streaming on Netflix). It will take no time to catch up on the show's history before the latest season premiers stateside on BBC American on Aug. 23

The show has caught quite the revival in 2013 for its 50th anniversary, and for a show that predates Star Trek, its part in sci-fi TV history is important one.

“Sometimes, when the pseudo-science plot twists makes one's head spin, it helps to remember the advice offered by the intro theme of another cult favorite show – ‘Just repeat to yourself: 'It's just a show. I should really just relax," Kimberly Wright said in 2013.

Those who revel in the Whoniverse and are Whovians will know that this season debuts a new Doctor. Peter Capaldi will take over in the TARDIS for the title character's 13th re-generation (it's a time-lord thing), proving that this guy has more lives than a cat – which a theme that keeps popping up in future (there are cat people in the future. Yes, it's weird, but you have to watch to figure that out).

Thankfully, for us #newtoWho, there is the trusty hashtag that's the brainchild of BBC America and king of the nerds, Chris Hardwick, who starred in the commercial for the network in 2012 and graces the ad's reprisal.

Hardwick, in his quest to host everything (I am a huge fan of his Comedy Central show @Midnight, returning with new episodes on Monday), will also host a live pre- and post-show after the season premier. Much like anything else, you can also follow the show on Twitter

The Guardian also has a companion's guide to Doctor Who and there is a #newtoWho Tumblr blog with reference links that lead to Who knowledge, including a The Doctors of Who infographic timeline that I clicked on for at least an hour.

So soon you will figure out if this is the 12th or 13th doctor … because it matters. It so matters.

More on ‘Doctor Who': The #newtoWho resource guide

Sports: Mo'ne Davis is the star amateur athlete 2014 needs 

Despite her team's 8-1 loss to Nevada in the 2014 Little League World Series on Wednesday, Pennsylvania's Mo'ne Davis, 13, has been the series' star.

But the young teen power pitcher is what's great about little league sports – it's genuine, honest and authentic – and in a world where little boys rule, Davis broke the usual monotony of the LLWS this summer.

And Davis is already living the dream – she's the first gal hurler to throw a complete game shutout in LLWS history and the first little leaguer to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. As .Mic smartly pointed out, Davis is one of three black females to ever grace the sport magazine's cover – the other two were Serena Williams (who's been on the cover twice) and Beyonce.

To Davis, throwing like a girl means “throwing 70 mph.” You have to love her swagger. But Davis is a self-aware teenager – she told SI that she enjoys playing basketball more and would like to play at UConn before playing in the WNBA.

More in Sports: NFL HOFer Mike Ditka lashes out at critics of Washington team nameHuffington Post

Music: Taylor Swift, you're next in line to culturally appropriate twerking 

Attention, pop musicians – it's time to find something else to think is really cool and copy it to death. As I've said several times through this forum, twerking is dead. You've killed it. Death to twerking.

While Swift displayed her tribute to dance in her new single Shake it Off, the first cut for her purely pop 1989 later this year, the ballet, modern dance, cheerleading, tutting and b-boying is not was caught everyone's attention

It was the twerking, often associated with hip-hop and Nicki Minaj, who also debuted her anticipated video for Anaconda this week (DISCLAIMER: Video NSFW…not at all).

But as much as Minaj is criticized for her sex sells approach to selling records, are pop artists like Katy Perry, Iggy Azeala, Miley Cyrus and now Swift going too far to try and be cool? And not just cool – what they think is cool - which is using black musicians and artists as props for a takeover for Billboard. This also includes instances of pop artists using Japanese culture to push records – looking at you, Gwen Stefani.

While we could all discuss what cultural appropriation really means and why it's wrong, Swift will probably ride this single's success and her super cute haircut and inability to dance all the way to the bank, while singing the lyrics to her new single: “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate. / Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake / Shake it off.”

Because, let's be honest, it's haters who really pay the bills of entertainers.

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Something pop culture-y: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul reunite in spoof with Julia Louis-Dreyfus 

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul should always star in things together.

The Breaking Bad stars, both up for awards, star in a pawn shop spoof and are met by Julia Louis-Dreyfus trying to hock her Best Supporting Actress Emmy for Seinfeld.

The six-minute video produced by the Television Academy warms us up nicely for the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. The show will be hosted by Late Night host Seth Myers on Monday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

A word to the wise, friends: never do any online shopping after drinking too much pink wine. Just never do it. Also don't walk into a place called Barely Legal Pawn Shop – you never know what they're doing in the back room.

Also on YouTube: A “crazy racist lady” shows driver what road rage really is (Not Safe For Work, really bad language)

One last pop culture-y tidbit

The cable network FXX will begin its epic 12-day marathon of all 24 seasons of the animated icon The Simpson on Thursday. 

The series will be shown in chronological order from its pilot episode, which first aired on Dec. 17, 1989, through the 552nd episode that ended its 24th season this spring.

The deal also includes the rights for the green-lit 25th season that will premier this fall. The rights deal also includes an airing of The Simpsons Movie, which was just a 90-minute episode, that will also be aired in the chronological order of its debut.

From its announcement last winter, the $750 million deal to FXX makes that network the largest rights holder of any syndicated show in the history of TV, according to Deadline

You can check out a detailed schedule of your favorite episodes from Vulture by clicking here. You can also follow the explosion of Simpsons fans on Twitter with the hashtag #everySimpsonsever.

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