YWIPC: The internet's best pop culture brackets

Your Week in Pop Culture: The internet's best collection of themed tourney brackets

You feeling the crush of bracket fever? Check out some of these pop culture based brackets from across the web. (Source: RNN) You feeling the crush of bracket fever? Check out some of these pop culture based brackets from across the web. (Source: RNN)

(RNN) – In honor of both the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball Tournaments kicking off this week, we celebrate the best of the internet's non-college basketball related brackets to fulfill you every pop culture need.

  1. RNN's Movie Madness bracket – Starting with the home team, this bracket takes on challengers across the spectrum of sports movies. The bracket began earlier this week, but new votes begin every day until one box office beauty is made champion. Brought to you by the guys that bring you Rantankerous. (And no, that's not Darkwing Duck's logo…)
  2. Deadspin's Most defensive fan bases in America – Sure, it is Deadspin, but for all the click-baiting they do, they are super creative. This bracket is no exception – American culture is full of different fanatic groups, called "Stans," who drive everyone insane (looking at you, Notre Dame fans). Fanatics so intensely annoying and obnoxious, one would like to pick them off one by one. This bracket is for you.
  3. The Atlantic Wire's Bracket of the Day – These folks aren't just coming up with a bracket to consume you for the duration of the tourney. Keeping up with the fast paced environment known as the internet (and the short attention spans that go along with it), The Wire has come up with a Bracket of the Day, to be voted on at its website or on Twitter @WireBrackets. Smart. Wednesday's bracket: Best year ever. Really!
  4. Franchise Frenzy – Love him or hate him, ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd has some creative people working on his staff. This year, his pop culture bracket pits the sports world's biggest and most popular franchises against one another in the Franchise Frenzy bracket. Voting is daily and ends April 8.

A little something nerdy: San Diego Comic-Con to have nerd haute couture

Ladies and gentlemen of the cosplay world, your Star Wars-themed designer threads will be more than things of intergalactic fantasy.

Geek chic haute couture will be coming to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International with its first-ever fashion show. Fashion designer and Her Universe founder and actress Ashley Eckstein debuted Star Wars fashions at Fashion Weeks in London, New York and Los Angeles, and will bring her collection to be showcased between the racks of comic books and pro-wrestler Q&As.

The event will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel on July 24, on the first day of Comic-Con, happening July 24-27. Don't want to wait to until Comic-Con to own Eckstein's designs? Fangirls like Eckstein can purchase her designs at Hop Topic stores or at her website.

Music: Big band version of Beyonce's ‘Drunk in Love' captures a swinging theme

I love Beyonce as much as the next millennial girl does, and Drunk in Love is my favorite track off her surprise December 2013 release.

The only thing that could make the single even better is a solid cover with a 1940s swing treatment. Submitted for your approval is a swinging version by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox. You might find you like the cover better than the original.

Jam of the Week: Aloe Blacc, The Man

The anthem to brush off all haters, and the theme to all of those great Beats by Dre headphones ads on TV in the last few months, Aloe Blacc's single from his album Lift Your Spirits will have anyone believing they can conquer anything.

TV: Is ABC's desire to make 'Nashville' a soap opera going to get it canceled?

The ABC show Nashville may get overshadowed by Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, but give it a chance (it's on Hulu and can be streamed on ABC.com) – it's perhaps TV's best drama with more talent per script than any other currently on air.

But the network has not said whether the show, in its second season, will be renewed for a third, and fans are launching an all out social media war to save it. What's the trouble with a show that's popularity is on the rise? According to Deadline, ABC wants to take the show to a more nighttime soap opera, while the show producers want to keep it a realistic take on the country music industry.

Fans of the show have taken to social media to save the series: on Twitter, the popular #saveNashville dominates Wednesday nights. On fan has taken to the blogosphere with a NashvilleSeason3 blog, urging fans to write letters to ABC and politely protest the show's potential cancellation.

The show, starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, follows the lives of established and up-and-coming country music stars as they follow the dreams and drama that come with making it in the country music Mecca.

A little something from YouTube: College Humor poses the question: What if Google was a guy?

If one man was the dominant search engine Google, well it would probably be the most miserable desk job ever.

At least that what the folks at College Humor have made it appear to be. This week, they came out with the second edition of If Google was a Guy.

The first version that was released in January received more than 4 million views, with the second edition following suit perfectly.

So remember – no one, especially overworked male desk jockeys – like being asked ridiculous questions. Just imagine how Google must feel…

Twitter account of the Week: Florida Man

If you're on Twitter and haven't checkout out the real-life local news headlines of male Floridians, then you are missing out on a lifetime of laughter.

The Twitter account Florida Man brings the outlandish, but absolutely true news stories across Florida's broad landscape. Some notable tweets include: "Florida man loses $45,000 painting to brother in coin toss," or "Florida man threatens loud neighbor with hand grenade."

Not to say all Florida men (and women, there is a popular Florida Woman Twitter account as well) are unintelligent criminals, but when you can't find television storylines as good as these real headlines, you just have to enjoy it.

MOVIES: 'Mr. Peabody & Sherman' shakes up Top 5, takes over No. 1 spot

Animation films seem to be dominating so far in 2014. With the success of Frozen and The LEGO Movie, it appears Mr. Peabody & Sherman seems to be following in their footsteps. After debuting last week at No. 2, the kid movie featuring the voices of Ty Burrell and Stephen Colbert kicked the 300 sequel out of the top stop.

Last weekend also featured disappointing showings for Need for Speed, starring Aaron Paul, and the latest Tyler Perry chick flick, which debuted in the third and fifth spots, respectively.

Here's last weekend's Top 5, according to Box Office Mojo (listed next to previous week's ranking and weekend gross):

  1. Mr. Peabody & Sherman (2) $21,809,249
  2. 300: Rise of An Empire (1) $19,201,345
  3. Need for Speed (NR) $17,844,939
  4. Non-Stop (3) $10,615,305
  5. Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club (NR) $8,075,111

In theaters: March 21

Divergent – A futuristic world has divided civilization and forced out the chosen few, the Divergents, who may be eliminated from the remaining race. Based on the series of young adult novels by Veronica Roth, the adapted screenplay stars Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Zoe Kravitz, Kate Winslet, Mekhi Phifer, Miles Teller and Tony Goldwyn (Mmm, Fitz from Scandal…).

Muppets Most Wanted – Kermit the Frog and the entire Muppet gang are on a world tour, but while in Europe get caught up in a jewel heist lead by an evil Kermit lookalike. It amazes me that one thing that has stayed consistent throughout the last few generations is that you can't keep the Muppets franchise down. Jim Henson would be pleased. The film stars the Muppets (duh!), Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey.

Also in theaters: Nymphomaniac Vol. I, Rob the Mob, Jodorowsky's Dune, Blood Ties, Cheap Thrills, McCanick

Honorable mention

Popular musicians tap into new, clever marketing strategy – Raycom News Network

Lorde live-tweeting a Bulls game is pretty weird but accurateDeadspin

TV's 20 longest-running midseason replacements of all-timeUPROXX

NFL coach Jim Harbaugh does pushups with walrus – Raycom News Network

'The Simpsons' unveils a new Springfield Public Transit mapThe Atlantic Cities

Agnus T. Jones sticks by his words against 'Two and A Half Men'Huffington Post

Wichita State's mascot has been creepy at every stage of its evolutionDeadspin

Let's remember celebs besides Newman from 'Seinfeld' who've been falsely declared dead by the internetUPROXX

'The Daily Show' has created #McConnelling and now the world is a better placeHuffington Post

VIRAL: Rebel dog revels in breaking owner's 'no bed' policy – Raycom News Network

(Dis)honorable mention

Wife stabs husband in chest, claims he was 'worshipping the NASCAR race' – WJHL

This is terrifying: Zombie otter holds a fast food restaurant hostage in Norway UPROXX

Tyler, The Creator arrested in Austin-Bergstrom International AirportGawker

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